“Robotics, Drones, AI - the fourth Industrial Revolution is here”

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

filming & photos - from aerial to ground

Successful film works need professional equipment and a professional crew. Simply choose us to have both on set. Our company provides you with everything you need from the first letter of your story to the mastering of the film. 

Over 20 years of experience in television/broadcast and film ensures, that our team is ready to challenge any task to your success. 





What we do



Atomos designs and manufactures creative production weapons: affordable, easy-to-use field monitor/recorders, converters, power management, C-Fast cards and HDMI Cables that save video professionals time and money, reducing complexity without sacrificing quality.


Included in Atomos’s field monitor/recorder product line up are the Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade portable, touchscreen-operated 10-bit HD recorder, monitor, playback and playout devices with HDMI and HD-SDI input/output that record to either ProRes or DNxHD codec. They capture pristine video direct from the camera sensor and encode in real-time onto low-cost, removable 2½-inch hard disks, or solid-state drives.


Key features include AC and battery operation for Continuous Power, record trigger via start/stop flag or timecode, and focus/exposure monitoring assist, including focus peaking and false color.

ATOMOS recorders are perfect for ENG crews, OBVans, Broadcast Studios and last but not least UAVs.


ATOMOS equipment fits the needs of a state of the art production.


Atomos also produce a range of recording accessories and tools to improve the daily lives of anyone working in film, TV and photo production.


The Connect converters are the ultimate converter tools for any situation that demands connectivity; powered by battery or AC, they convert anytime, anywhere.


For latest information please visit our ATOMOS NEWS CENTER below or for products just visit our ATOMOS online shop! 


event media services

Are you planning an event?

We can provide the professional background work to make your production successful!


- organizing and planning of media relations

- equipment rental

- providing a professional crew

- producing visuals for LED walls

- multicamera production for LED walls

- producing documentary and interviews

- Rigging, light, sound and live A/V productions


You dream it, we produce it!


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