Spot threats quickly and easily using NDVI and other plant health algorithms, so you can:

  • Save time with more efficient crop scouting

  • Monitor impact of treatments and test over time

  • Develop variable rate prescriptions

For generations, farmers have walked their fields investigating crops manually for signs of stress or disease. This traditional, labor-intensive method is time-consuming and can be difficult when crop canopies thicken.

With the DJI UAVs, we are able to evaluate their crops at scale while simultaneously creating crop maps that help them manage crops and time better. Our drones are highly portable and boast industry-leading flight times. Equipped with 12-megapixel cameras and up to 4K video, they capture clear, detailed images that are essential for analysis. Aerial imaging has also become an important tool for crop management. It is a non-invasive way to monitor nurseries and greenhouses and even detect plant diseases. 

Introducing a powerful new tool to enhance your farming operations. Get multiple views of your fields through the growing season. Focusing your attention on problem areas. Optimize inputs by improving variable rate prescriptions. Get precise individual plant counts. Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi so you can quickly react to treats. Assess and clean up damage from storms, wildlife intrusions, fire, and flooding is analyzed. 


Use drone data to improve farming efficiency all year long.


- Compile plant counts and analyze stand establishments

- Assess crop damage to negotiate fair loss percentages

- Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi

- Generate better variable rate prescriptions

- Plan drainage and irrigation repair

- Keep track of livestock and grazing patterns.



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