Our German-Hungarian company works internationally. We have excellent contacts within the world of French, German, Austrian and Hungarian media. Primarily we make high-standard productions, which are modern in their style. These range from commercials to reference films or introducing product ranges. We also deal with making travel films, documentaries with professional directing at the service of our clients.

our productions worldwide

produced: 2015
  • Baufritz
  • Grand Hotel Lienz
    Grand Hotel Lienz
  • Erwin Sattler
    Erwin Sattler
  • Smile to the World Projekt - Fannys message to the filmmakers
    Smile to the World Projekt - Fannys message to the filmmakers
  • Bauer
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- commercial
- imagefilm
- referencefilm
- event film
- video clip
- documentary
- news / riports
- wedding cinematography

film production

Complete film productions. You dream it, we can make your dream come true!

- music composing

- Jingle production
- music for commercials
- voice recording
- product presentations
- 5.1 mixing
- international dubbing
- voice-over production

sound production

The music for commercials intesify the intention of the visual language. Sometimes they step out of the background and are getting a chartbuster, and sometimes they hidden serve the meaning of the film.

- Hollywood Glamour
- Wedding Photography
- Portrait
- Kids and Family
- Events / Dokumentation


A unique service we are very proud of being able to provide is the Hollywood Glamour photo-shooting, where, working with special lighting, the atmosphere of the 1940s USA comes to life in the black and white photos taken of ladies and gents.

our partners

- Film lighting
- Camera pool
- camera cranes
- dollies
- steadicam, oktokopter
- filtergels (LEE and Rosco)
- event technology (LED walls, sound, multicam productions)

equipment pool

Our equipment pool for all kinds of filmworks

Web advertising today is an essential tool for marketing. It is the the best way to reach the target audience of your company, product or service. We also deal with designing and conducting complete company or product campaigns, we help improve brand recognition and we provide communication consultancy. 

production service

Having mapped out the possibilites your company has we find the optimal tools of communication that you can use on multimedia surfaces, web pages and in PR.

our clients
pictures of us - during work
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